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The Nam June Paik Museum

Architecture: YBGSNA

Location: Seoul, Korea

Client: The Nam June Paik Museum

Area: 5,800 m2

Our Nam June Paik Museum of Video Art proposal is structured as a 25X25X12 m Black Box. All activities events and displays occur within the vast space of the box. The walls floors, and the volumetric spaces which are contained within the Box, function as video display screens that expand the geometric spaces to alternative dimensions of illusion.


The initial design strategy was to insert the Box in the natural topography. This was done to mark the Box as an independent location, an exteriotory in the semi urban landscape. The visitor approaches the Box directly, but enters it on an elevated plane, thus providing a three-dimensional perspective on all special events.


The mediating element between the Box and the street is a bar. This building block functions as the administrative section of the museum and separates landscape from city.

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