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High School

An Open Competition – Winning Entry

Architecture: YBGSNA 

Location: Pingshan, Shenzhen, China

Client: Pingshan District, Shenzhen

Area: 31,000 m2

The project is located at Pinghuan community in Pingshan district. The northern side of the site borders with the Zhongshan Avenue, which is the main city road, and on west borders with Jinlong Avenue. Across the main roads on the west and north there are existing low-rise and high-rise residential communities.


The project is situated on a relatively flat ground with minimal topographic changes. It is surrounded by high-rise residential developments that surround a campus which is characterized by rather low buildings.


In our proposal we attempted to fit all programmatic requirements in a site which is rather small, while providing as much as possible, wide and expansive transparent recreational spaces and experience of in the school campus which is enveloped by extensive high-rise buildings.

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