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Be'er Sheba North Terminal

A Conceptual Proposal 

Architecture: Yuval Baer

Client: Submitted for the UIA conference 2007

Location: Northern entrance to Be'er Sheba

Area: 200,000 m2

The landscape is hilly and arid. Suddenly, four figures appear on the horizon welcoming the passenger after a long drive in the hazy desert highway. This is the North Terminal of the regional town of Be'er Sheba.


Programmatically, the landmark is composed out of ordinary and mundane components of contemporary market economy architecture. It has commercial spaces, transportation facilities, offices and possibly residential units. It is designed in a clear structural language of towers with a "typical floor plan".


Symbolically, the towers mark a landmark which is an icon. They define a sharp "intersection" in the natural and urban desert landscape as a piece of a sustainable, clear, efficient and "timeless Architecture. They are inserted into the endless suburban sprawl as a focused intervention, putting an end to a directionless expansion of a crumbling city.

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