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Za'abeel Tower

An Open Competition
International Competition

Architecture: Yuval Baer

Location: Dubai

Client: Thyssenkrupp

Height: 170 m

Structural Engineer: Meller Engineers

My Za'abeel Park Cyclone proposal is not just an attempt to design an Architectural Landmark, but also an attempt to introduce an architectural gesture, that creates a noticeable event in the fabric of Dubai City. I wanted to insert into the complex architectural nature of the city, a structure which on the one hand, has a clear and sharp appearance, and on the other hand, has a dynamic quality, that marks a location of a real happening.

Already, in my initial schematic urban analysis, I observed that Dubai City is a rich urban environment that cannot be reduced into a clear schematic concept. In that way, the "Cyclone event", is not a monument that fits or structures an urban fabric, but rather a noticeable spot of "low pressure" that exists in a bustling urban landscape.

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