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The Mechanical Engineering Campus

Architecture: Yuval Baer, Reznik Architects

Location: Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva

Client: Ben Gurion University

Area: 7,400 m2

Structural Engineer: S. Angel Ltd


Plumbing: A. Schwartz Ltd

Photography: Ilia Kruvorechko

The School of Mechanical Engineering occupies the south east section of the University of Beer Sheva main campus as an independent mini campus. The various buildings of the School of Engineering are arranged according to the Master Plan of the campus to define a small independent shady cluster along the pedestrian axis that leads directly to the University Train Station.


The School of Mechanical Engineering is divided up into four buildings. The main building occupies the administration, offices, classrooms, the second building occupies the laboratories of the research center, the third is heavy duty workshop building the fourth functions as the engineering students' hub


The buildings were designed in exposed concrete in accordance with the old concrete campus of the 50's. The semi-urban building fabric was articulated with a variety of interior and exterior public spaces as pleasant shady microclimate environments in the desert.

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